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How This New Dallas Beignet Place Stands Up to the Palate of a New Orleans Native

Jean-Marie Cadot, 43, of the Cadot Restaurant, is like a chef character out of a beautiful French film or novel, dashing and ridiculously well-versed in all things culinary. It’s almost as if he couldn’t have turned out to be anyone or anything else. No wonder. The Cadot family has been in the restaurant and baking business since 1758.

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Review: Cadot Restaurant

In the mid-’70s, fine dining in dallas was defined by fabulous French food. Haute cuisine menus flaunted French specialties such as escargot, filet de bœuf en croûte, lamb Provençal, and veal normande. Dessert soufflés and profiteroles were as ubiquitous then as crème brûlée and molten chocolate concoctions are today. Even the names of the restaurants reflected Dallas’ obsession…

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Culture Map Dallas

Cadot Restaurant

The career of chef Jean-Marie Cadot echoes that of French food in Dallas: He started out at pioneering Calluaud’s, was executive chef at Lavendou, then worked for the Lombardi family before opening his own eponymous place in 2009. He knows his sauces and makes a stellar steak and frites, but he also…

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Fruge Seafood

Chef Jean-Marie Cadot

Cooking has been a part of Jean-Marie Cadot’s life as long as he can remember. The Cadot family started their hotel, restaurant and bakery business in Paris in the 1700’s, and Jean-Marie continues to carry on today the baking traditions he learned from his father and grandfather.

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Best Restaurants Dallas

Cadot Restaurant

The French-trained chef and owner, Jean-Marie Cadot, serves a wonderful blend of perfectly prepared French classics and American cuisine unsurpassed by any chef in Dallas. Dallas restaurant critic, Jenny Block says of Cadot Restaurant’s food, “Everything I ate had wonderful flavors.

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