Jean-Marie Cadot

Jean-Marie Cadot, a native of Paris, France grew up in a family that’s been in the restaurant, hotel and bakery business since the 1700’s. Beginning his training at his father’s bakery when he was eight years old, Jean-Marie went on to apprentice at Lasserre Paris, a famous three star Michelin Guide restaurant after getting degrees from the Ferrandi Cooking School and the Grands Moulins de Paris Baking and Pastry school. He continued working in Paris, including time at two more Michelin star restaurants, before coming to New York City and Dallas.

Now with more than 27 years of experience in upscale French restaurants, including experience in banquet and catering services, Jean-Marie has opened Cadot Restaurant.

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Cadot Family


The Cadot family business was founded in 1758 and continues to thrive today.

Jean-Marie’s grandfather and father (Albert and Jean-Pierre Cadot) were both bakers. Jean-Marie has been baking and cooking since he was eight years old, beginning at his father’s bakery. To maintain the tradition of his grandfather and father, he graduated from the Grands Moulins de Paris Baking and Pastry school with a degree in baking and pastry in addition to graduating from Ferrandi Cooking School.

Jean-Marie’s family has been in the hotel, restaurant and bakery business since the 1700’s. Hyppolite Jammet, Jean-Marie’s grandfather, built the Hotel Bristol in Paris. Also in the family are le Boeuf a la Mode, Brasserie Mollard, le Londres in Versailles and La Caravelle in New York.


Lombardie Family Concept May 2008 to February 2009
Hiring as executive chef to open four restaurants.

Lavendou August 1996 – 2007
Open as Executive Chef for eleven years. It become an established French restaurant in Dallas with Restaurant mailing list of 11,000 repeat customers. Catering to private party or large event up to 800 people. 4 Star Rating, Dallas Morning News.

La Caravelle Few months 1990 and May to Sept 1995
Temporary Executive Chef at famous and well established French restaurant in New York City.

La Panetiere June 1987 to July 1990
Sous Chef for three years at established French restaurant in Rye, NY. Develop recipe book from daily specials and menu. First place in Cointreau America recipe contest.

Sous chef for two years in Dallas, TX, turning between 3 French restaurants: upscale, bistro, and brasserie.

Pierre’s Country Bakery
French Pastry Chef for two years. Developed viennoiseries French and American pastries, croquembouches, and Easter chocolate. Also responsible for catering small parties and weddings.

Potel et Chabot
Chef for exclusive Paris catering company. Worked for private events in Paris and outside events, including two years for Rollans Garros French Open. Private Chef for Mumm Champagne. Bank Paris et Pays Bas for executive luncheons.

Royal Evian
Seasonal Chef at Evians les Bains Hotel and Spa Resort for Rostropovich Musical season.

Mercure Galant
Seasonal Sous Chef for Paris restaurant, one star Michelin Guide.

Seasonal Chef for Paris restaurant, three star Michelin Guide.

L’auberge des Deux Sygnes
Seasonal Pastry Chef for Paris restaurant.

Lasserre Paris
Apprentice for two years, famous Paris restaurant, three star Michelin Guide

Education and Training
1979 – 1981 Chamber of commerce and Industry of Paris. Graduated from Ferrandi Cooking School
1981 Graduated from the Grands Moulins de Paris Baking and Pastry School
1986 – 1987 Military Service, prepared Banquets for officers